Decentralized Smart Contract Mixer

Utilizing zK-SNARK technology and Ethereum's Layer2 Gnosis Chain

Step 1: Deposit

Step 2: Withdraw

Deposit Your Funds

The first step is to connect your Ethereum wallet through Metamask or directly with your private key. After that you will see the current balance of your address. By depositing tokens into the pool, the chosen amount will come top up your balance and will be possible to withdraw to another wallet later on.

Withdrawing Process

To withdraw funds from your balance, you can either: choose from a set of four predetermined amounts (0.1, 0.3, 0.5 & 1 ETH) or choose a completely customized amount. To maintain your full privacy, choosing one of the four suggested amounts is strongly recommended as it will allow your withdrawal to blend with the crowd.

Gnosis Chain (L2)

For cheaper transactions, Gnosis Chain (former xDAI Chain) is used as a Layer-2. To this end, a bridge is used between ETH from the Mainnet & WETH from Gnosis Chain. Therefore, to prevent spam attacks that will overload the bridge, the withdrawal amount has to be larger than 0.05 ETH.